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Smart Power Devices Launches Power Stoplight Live, Facebook and Twitter Social Networking real-time updates – November 7, 2011

After a year and a half of operation and over 5,000 downloads of the Power Stoplight Mobile application for smartphones,  Smart Power Devices Ltd ( launches real-time social networking of Power Stoplight and the Power Stoplight Live page. Now more than ever, Power Stoplight makes it easy for electricity consumers and generators to know the latest prices for their service. Power Stoplight does this by publishing updates in real-time on Facebook and Twitter when price alerts are needed and through the Power Stoplight Live page.

PDT and Smart Power Devices Ltd Introduce Android App that Monitors Energy Costs – August 19, 2010

Smart Power Devices Announces the Release of Power Stoplight Mobile, Smartphone App for Home Energy Demand Response & Power Generation Control– August 3, 2010

Smart Power Devices Ltd, (, a startup company focused on energy conservation and environmental protection, announces the release of the Power Stoplight Mobile ( application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Smartphone platforms.

With an easy to follow interface utilizing a Stoplight type display, but also conveying complex price and schedule information for home electricity service, Power Stoplight both engages users to intelligently utilize power at optimal times and educates the public about the reduction of peak-carbon emissions. Power Stoplight additionally features a Blue indicator that shows the usefulness of any possible power generation systems that users may own & operate, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Usage and Generation information in Power Stoplight covers multiple categories of Dynamic Pricing programs, including Day Ahead, Real Time, Time Of Use, and other unique programs that are growing in number and popularity across North America. These programs offer consumers financial incentives to shift their usage of major power loads to off-peak times, provide environmental benefits by reducing peak carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and offer resource benefits to electricity grids and generation systems by easing the strain on them at peak usage times.

Power Stoplight Mobile for iPhone and Android platforms utilizes GPS hardware in the device to find the nearest supported Region for Power Stoplight. It then allows the user to select a number of parameters regarding the display of data on the device, view powerful enhanced image data maps for select regions, and browse to other Regions to see both grid & environmental characteristics across all parts of North America, making it both easy and fun to take part in and learn about demand response.

Power Stoplight Mobile is just 99 cents for iPhone & Android Smartphones and is free for the beta-release BlackBerry version. Anyone can use Power Stoplight, not just users looking to save money on electricity bills or to better manage home power generation systems, but also the environmentally conscious.

“I invite every Smartphone user to try Power Stoplight Mobile” says Smart Power Devices Ltd’s Managing & Technical Director Richard Unetich. “And I challenge folks to really think about the electronics devices in their homes, then consider which ones use the most electricity, when it is best to use those, and which devices can be used at different times and in different amounts. Power Stoplight is an innovative product that has very real benefits. I hope everyone else finds it both as fun and rewarding to use as I’ve had in its development!”

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